dexa (bone density)

What is DEXA Scanning:
A DEXA bone densitometry scan measures your bone mineral density or bone mass. DEXA scanning is todayís established standard for measuring bone mineral density. DEXA is most often used to diagnose osteoporosis, a gradual loss of calcium, which causes the bones to become thinner and more likely to break.

How is DEXA scanning helpful?
  • A DEXA bone densitometry scan can determine if you have, or are at risk for, osteoporosis.
  • DEXA helps determine a patientís risk for future bone fractures before they occur
  • Assists your physician in deciding whether you would benefit from bone replacement therapy.
How is the Test Performed?
For the test, a patient lies down on an examining table and the scanner rapidly directs low dose x-ray energy to measure bone mineral density at the hip and spine, which are two sites that have the greatest potential for a disabling fracture. The DEXA test takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

There are no special preparations required for the examination. On the day of the test, wear loose comfortable clothing and avoid garments that have belts, zippers or buttons made of metal.

DEXA (Bone Density)
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